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Hospital Services of Riverside Nephrology Center

Riverside Nephrology Hospital Services

Riverside Nephrology Physician Inc. center is a established  Department of Nephrology, providing the full range of Nephrology-related hospital services. Patients receive top-quality care in the field of clinical nephrology, dialysis, and other hospital services or treatments related to Nephrology at Riverside Nephrology Physician Inc Center.

Patients with all types of kidney (renal) and hypertension-related disorders receive advanced, comprehensive, and compassionate care from our Riverside nephrology physicians Inc. center.

The superior care provided by our nationally and internationally regarded specialists has placed Riverside nephrology physicians Inc. center among the nation’s best hospitals for treating kidney disorders. Our specialists provide consultations and treatment for the following hospital services:

1. Clinical Nephrology

Evaluation and treatment of kidney-related ailments;

2. Dialysis

      • Procedures


In hemodialysis, blood is removed from the body, filtered through a machine, and the filtered blood is returned to the body.

Hospital Services

Our staff will help coordinate if you need to be admitted or other hospital services.

Dietician Consult

Consult with our registered dietician for meal plans, nutritional goals, and how to integrate healthy eating into your lifestyle. These appointments can also be done over telemedicine.

Transplant Coordination

We are happy to assist with transplant and surgery referrals and coordination. These appointments can also be done over telemedicine.

Perioneal Dialysis

In peritoneal dialysis, a cleansing fluid flows through a catheter to the lining of your abdomen which acts as a filter and removes waste products from your blood.

Social Work Services

Every patient is unique and we will gladly provide social work services to meet your personal needs. These appointments can also be done over telemedicine.

Clinical Consultations

Meet with our physicians to evaluate care for chronic kidney disease, hypertension, kidney stones, and diabetes. These appointments can also be done over telemedicine.