Dr. Q Khan

As my patient, you can expect me, and the rest of my staff to build a comprehensive care plan for you that suits your needs, lifestyle, and medical history while treating you like our own family. I always say, ‘the art of medicine is what I specialize in more than the science of medicine

Dr. Mohammed Khan


Dr. Mohammed Khan

Dr. Mohammed Khan is a board-certified nephrologist and internist who specializes in chronic kidney disease, hypertension, and dialysis services. After completing his Internal Med res at Keck School of Medicine at USC, Nephrology Fellowship at the University of California, Irvine.

Dr. Mohammed Khan has dedicatedly served the Inland Empire community for over 15 years and started Riverside Nephrology Physicians Inc. in 2010 with one medical vision: to serve the Inland Empire with empathetic care. Dr. Mohammed Khan is committed to lifelong learning by participating in Continuing Medical Education regularly, while attending conferences routinely to bring the newest research and technology to his patients. Dr. Mohammed Khan has dedicated time to medical humanitarian relief where he has served impoverished communities in countries India and Bangladesh. When he’s not in the office, Dr. Mohammed Khan enjoys hiking with his kids, watching Bollywood movies, and playing Scrabble with his wife.

Med School : Deccan College of Medical Sciences

Med School : Deccan College of Medical Sciences
Residency : Keck School of Medicine at University of Southern California
Fellowship : University of California, Irvine
Board Cert : American Board of Internal Medicine, with a Nephrology Subspeciality

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In hemodialysis, blood is removed from the body, filtered through a machine, and the filtered blood is returned to the body.

Hospital Services

Our staff will help coordinate if you need to be admitted or other hospital services.

Dietician Consult

Consult with our registered dietician for meal plans, nutritional goals, and how to integrate healthy eating into your lifestyle. These appointments can also be done over telemedicine.

Transplant Coordination

We are happy to assist with transplant and surgery referrals and coordination. These appointments can also be done over telemedicine.

Perioneal Dialysis

In peritoneal dialysis, a cleansing fluid flows through a catheter to the lining of your abdomen which acts as a filter and removes waste products from your blood.

Social Work Services

Every patient is unique and we will gladly provide social work services to meet your personal needs. These appointments can also be done over telemedicine.

Clinical Consultations

Meet with our physicians to evaluate care for chronic kidney disease, hypertension, kidney stones, and diabetes. These appointments can also be done over telemedicine.