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Clinical Consultation for Riverside Nephrology Physician Inc:

What is nephrology and what does a nephrologist do?

kidney clinical consultation and Nephrologists are doctors who focus on conditions that affect the kidneys including high blood pressure and metabolism disorder. The number of kidney problems is on the rise worldwide, with millions of people undergoing treatment for chronic kidney disease (CKD) or kidney injury. Kidney disease is the 12th leading cause of death worldwide and the 9th in the United States.

How does Clinical Consultation work?

The kidney clinical consult is the same as any other doctor’s visit. The nephrology physicians in Riverside reviews your medical history and may ask you further questions. They will also perform a full physical exam. After reviewing your medical history, including weight and blood pressure, the doctor will order urine testing and blood tests to determine the health and condition of your kidneys.

The following medical documentation will be helpful for patients preparing for their consultation. This ensures a precise diagnosis.

Talk as candidly as you can about your health and concerns with your doctor. Other information, such as if you used to smoke but have stopped, if you tend to forget to take your medication on time or if you have had any alcohol indulgences, will not be included in your report. These details will assist in accurately and properly assessing your overall health.

For any condition of the kidneys, nephrologists will check for creatinine levels and blood urea nitrogen (BUN). To classify chronic kidney disease, we also use GFR or the Glomerular Filling Rate. Normal kidney function is defined as a GFR above 90mls/min/1.73m2. The baseline number and any other mitigating factors can be used by a Clinical Consultation or nephrologist to determine if the patient has chronic kidney disease.

A consultation with a nephrologist could be, depending on the patient’s current condition.

These are four great tips to help you make your first visit for Clinical Consultation:

These tips will help you get started:

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